Wilke’s Estate Jewelry – Art Deco

Art Deco – 1920’s – 1930’s

Begun in France, and nurtured in America, the Art Deco period represented a time of prosperity and culture. Design styles changed dramatically. The Art Deco period eliminated the soft lines of the previous period in favor of more geometric, clean and rigid lines.

Platinum became the metal of choice, in order to better showcase the diamonds. Colored gemstones and materials were used for contrast. With the influence of the Egyptians and the Far East, jewelers were mixing bright colors in the stones as well as other products, like enamel.

The period brought a noticeable change in women’s fashion. Clothing became simple and elegant. In order to accessorize the clothing, designers were creating more bracelets, earrings and long necklaces. Women also began carrying jewel encrusted vanity cases, cigarette cases and powder boxes. Jewelers decorated watches with diamonds, gold, silver, and enamel.

The Great Depression, as well as the beginning of WWII ultimately brought the opulent Art Deco period to a close.