Wilke’s Estate Jewelry – Antagniazzi Blue Gold


Vittorio Antogniazzi was born in Italy and became a master goldsmith.  He spent 25 years of his life trying to get his beloved gold to develop the azure blue color of the sea.  He developed a process of uniting iron and gold in a homgeneous mixture and then oxidizing the product to produce the desired spectacular blue color. 

Vittorio moved to Argentina, where he lived until his death, and was granted international patents for his process.  Other processes exist, but they result from different forms of surface treatment. 

These pieces are to the best of our knowledge among the last pieces created by Vittorio, and we don’t believe any more are currently for sale.  Each piece is handmade, one of a kind, unique, and stamped with the artist’s trademark “A”.  They are truly pieces to be collected and treasured.